I was hoping for something kind of neat, in terms of bending, to rise from Legend of Korra.

I mean, in Avatar: The Last Airbender, we saw that some waterbenders can bend the plants by bending the water inside of the plants.  This also gave us insight on things like bloodbending and Hama teaching Katara that there is water all around her (ie: in flowers, in the air, and in one’s body).

I guess what I was hoping is that a waterbender and an earthbender produced an offspring that had a hybrid of their bending.  Something where the child was able to bend agriculture, since, it’d technically need the governance of water- and earthbending.

That or the Avatar figured it out.  I wanted to see more benders using shrubbery, tree roots, rolling plains, etc. to battle.  It’d definitely be a useful type of bending for places that were scorched by fires and battles.

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I got a Wii U.

I only have New Super Mario Bros. U, and the Luigi port of the main title.

Hoping to get MK8 soon, though!  :)  We can be friends, ya’ll!

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Let’s do another giveaway!

Ok guys!  My birthday is this weekend, so in honour of becoming a quarter-century old, I decided to share some love!

This is a Friend Safari random encounter Greninja.  Here’s some backstory:  I went into the FS trying to catch a Protean Frogaider to trade in the GTS.  This was back when Pokemon Bank was pulled due to crashing eShop - and basically the entire world.  I needed some Pokes, ya’ll!  And while mulling through the Safari, I ran into a Pokemon.  I saw the grass part, decided to glance up at the show I was watching, and when I looked down, I noticed it was oddly coloured. Hence, this black origami frog-ninja!

Greninja - #658 (Adamant) Male (♂) : 24 - 25 / 7 - 8 / 31 / 24 - 27 / 31 / 9 - 10

Unfortunately, not the best all-around stats, but still usable.  I have trained him up to level 50, maxed out Attack and Speed [252] and left the remainder in Def [4].


  • Do not need to follow me, but must ‘like’ or ‘reblog’ this post.
  • Single entries.  Like = Reblog; will be counted once since I will be writing down URLs.
  • RNG will determine the winner.
  • Do not enter with a giveaway blog.  I will review blogs as I write them down.  Disclaimer: if I feel like the majority of the content of your blog is giveaways and freebies, I will consider you a masked-giveaway blog.  Sorry ‘bout it.
  • Must own Pokemon X or Y and a Nintendo 3DS.
  • Lastly, the name is negotiable.  I gave it Hayato because of MapleStory.

This post will be active from 12:00 a.m., September 11th/14 until 11:59 p.m., September 13th/14.  My birthday is in the middle!  :)

Have fun, stay safe, and good luck!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I rolled a random number, but the first roll wound up being a giveaway blog.  Unfortunately for that individual, that is against my rules.

I rerolled and successfully got a winner!  Congrats to soft-heartedhana!

I don’t know when my next giveaway will be, they tend to be sporadic, but thank you to everyone who participated in my birthday giveaway!  :)

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nessofequestria writes,

Congrats on the code. Sadly military life prevent me being platinum. Widh I had the code. :(

It’s super limited, though.  Only playable characters are Mario, Pikachu, Villager, and MegaMan.  Haven’t touched Mario or MegaMan yet, but I do like how Villager plays.  Might be my replacement for the Ice Climbers, but don’t know yet.  Thank goodness Jigglypuff was confirmed!
Only one stage is playable: Battlefield.  3D is a bit strange, it feels as useful as MK7 thus far.  :l  But, it was fun!  I was worried since I have an original 3DS that it’d be too small, but it’s just fine!

September 12, 2014

jadedcobaltgildedjade writes,

Thank you ^_^. Also on the mold breaker idea, I am so hopeful that is the case because that would be very broken for Groudon's primal/mega if he could only be beaten by a Kyogre or Rayquaza. What do you think Rayquaza's mega would be like?


First of all: yes.  This is exactly what I want Mega Rayquaza to look like.

Second of all: Ground and Fire as a dual type is not new.  Camerupt even got Solid Rock to reduce it’s 4x weakness to Water.  But, Ground still exists as a weakness.  Sure, Primal Groudon probably will have some suped up Defences, but I’m sure it’ll be manageable since ten other types deal normal damage.  This typing resists Bug, Fairy, Fire, Poison, and Steel, with an immunity to Electric.  Still enough to deal with to whittle P.Groudon down.  :)

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sweet theme, bro.